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Denied JakeX Staff Application

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New Member
Aug 19, 2018
User name: JakeX

Minecraft Username: Impractical

Previous Username(s): JakeXBL

Discord Account: JakeX #0975

Age: 18

Timezone: Central

Gaming Twitter Link:

Are you Multilingual?: No

Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes

Do you have a working recording software?: Yes

Do you have access to Discord?: Yes

Have you ever been punished on our network?: No

Have you applied before?: No

How much time a day can you dedicate to MintarGames?: 2+ Hours

List Past Staff Experiences: Experience:
Brawl.com - Global Moderator
BandwidthBandits FTB - Head Administrator
BoringServ - Plugin Manager/Server Operator
Setaria Towny - Staff Manager/Plugin Config Specialist
AbyssalCraft - Moderator/Plugin Config Specialist/Website Management
TheCloudMC (Shut down due to lack of funding) - Owner/Website Development and Management
Minecraft Simple Gaming - Administrator
Pixelmon Alpha - Operator
VanishPvP - Forum Administrator
Shadow Nations - Management Director
Voltage MC - Moderator
SkyVersal - Moderator
xenForo :
CosmicMods - Sectional Moderator
Call of Duty/Discord:
Panda's MW3 Server - Head Administrator/Discord Owner

I have never been demoted.
I am unable to provide how long I worked at each server. All jobs were over 6 months, however an exact time frame cannot be provided.

Are you a leader or follower?: I consider myself to be a leader. For me, leading comes naturally. I am comfortable in a leadership role, and feel that I can make tough decisions that others are not comfortable enough to make. I also feel that I am a leader because of my professional attitude regarding all matters. I never let emotions make decisions for me, and always think before I act. I hold myself to the highest standards and do not let myself slip below them.

What makes you different from other applicants?: I am different from other applications for many reasons. One of these reasons would have to be my experience. I have worked in a management role with many servers, and moderated countless others. This has allowed me to encounter a variety of different situations, and has taught me how to solve each one. I have countless hours of experience finding new and exciting plugins and setting them up. I am also extremely experienced with xenForo, as I have set up and administrated multiple sites. I can do just about anything regarding Minecraft servers, sites, and Discords, with the exception of coding or design. Holding these high positions has also helped me grow as a person, improving my maturity and professionalism. As stated above, I hold myself to extremely high standards regarding these values. I always stay calm, no matter the situation, and never let myself get overly emotional. I am also experienced with server marketing. I know how to promote a server and bring in new players the correct way.

Anything else we should know?: N/A
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Mar 25, 2018
a Fox Hole, Seattle
Hello @JakeX ,

Your application is now pending. You will be private messaged with information regarding your interview date. Once you are done with said interview, you will find out if you are accepted at the staff welcoming party via Discord. Thank you for taking an interest in MintarGames.

Best Regards,
- TyFoxy | Administrator

Benjamin Andrews

Director | Andrews-Solutions
Development Manager
Feb 2, 2018
Application has now been DENIED due to a lack of response and failure to arrange an interview within the 2 weeks window provided to you.

Locked & Archived.
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