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Update Public Alpha (Season #0) Results, Updates and more! - 11/09/2018

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Benjamin Andrews

Director | Andrews-Solutions
Development Manager
Feb 2, 2018
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you may be well aware, the public Alpha (Season #0) has now ended and the winners have been awarded their prizes. With VortexHunter being in First place and having won $100 via PayPal; EnchiladaMC having won $45 via PayPal and Hqrvey having won $25 via Buycraft, I am glad to say that season 0 was indeed a success. We have found many bugs and we've had many feature requests, of which we're finding, fixing, implementing and testing as we speak. Today I have compiled a changelog of everything we've worked on over the last few weeks and I can give you a prediction about what you can expect to see in the near-future.

Here's the changelog as of 11/09/2018 at 05:04am:

» We hosted a fund-raiser for one of our Administrators, due to a syndrome that they are currently facing.
» We've updated the Frequently Asked Questions document (FAQ)
» We've updated the network rules section on the forums.
» We've updated our network Terms of Services found on the forums.
» We've updated the store information, which includes rank information and details.
» I've removed the /fly command from the network Core, this command will now only be implemented where it is needed to avoid abuse from media ranks.
» I've deployed a new Dedicated server for Mintar Games. It will serve well for hosting our static servers and occasionally our dynamic based gamemodes.
» Noodles has removed some of the pointless clutter in the Lobby plugin, including clickables in the inventories that never did anything.
» We've implemented a new Build server to ensure any builds created for us are in a centralised location for easier deployment.
» I have reimplemented a disguise system for the Media Ranks, however it has been disabled whilst it is being tested by Development staff to ensure minimal issues.

Along with all of these changes, I also have been working on a Factions gamemode in the background. I have been adding several features to the Factions plugin, such as Custom Enchantments, Deathbans (Will be off for the first season), /f top and many more. Custom Enchantments has been the most painful thing to implement because there are so many things that can go wrong with the implementations of such a feature, from enchant registry to applying the effects/features that players will receive upon equipping the armor/tools.

I do however have an ETA for the plugin completion on the Network:

» Captures: End of September.
» Captures Insane: Mid-October.
» Factions: Mid-October.
» Event Server: 1st October.
» Lobbies (Yes, we've constantly improving these): End of September.

We do not currently have an ETA for Season #1 of Mintar Games, however we are always working around the clock to ensure that things are looking pretty damn amazing and everything is running smoothly.

Benjamin Andrews.
Lead Developer | Mintar Games.
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